How to Customize Your Updates Emails to See Only Content You Care About

SmartTRAK Subscribers: See only news for the Markets, Modules and Segments and now TYPES of content that you care about!

Easy to Follow Instructions for Custom Email Updates

1. Click on the "Person Icon" on your SmartTRAK homepage and then Click "Account Settings."

smarttrak updates type 1


2. Click "SmartTRAK Updates Emails"

Smarttrak updates type 2


3. Click and un-click Markets, Modules. Segments and Types to include in your custom Updates Email. 

Smarttrak updates type 3


4. Be sure and select the "arrows" next to the Module name to see all the Segments. In this Example this person only wants to see "Joint Fluid" in the OrthoBio module.

SmartTRAK Custom Update Email 6

5. Be sure to click "SAVE" when you are done.

Smarttrak updates type 4

6. EXAMPLE: This person only wants to see "Wound" and "Regional."

SmartTRAK Custom Updates Email 7


7. EXAMPLE: And here is a new SmartTRAK Updates email, only focusing on Wound and Regional! No more scrolling through news you don't need!

SmartTRAK Custom Update Email 8