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What are SmartTRAK's data sources?

SmartTRAK uses a wide range of sources to provide the most accurate information.

SmartTRAK triangulates information from both quantitative and qualitative data sources and applies proprietary algorithms to report and/or project trends such as incidence & prevalence figures, procedure volumes and revenues. Data sources include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Primary Research with companies, societies, clinicians, hospitals and ASCs
  • Extensive attendance and coverage of industry conferences
  • Industry Publications (e.g., presentations, earnings calls, webcasts, annual and quarterly reports, SEC filings, analyst reports)
  • Professional Societies (e.g., AAOS, ASPS, Kaiser Family Foundation, etc.)
  • US Government Databases (e.g., US Census, National Center for Health Statistics, US Department of Health & Human Services, NIH, Department of Veterans Affairs, CMS, Bureau of Labor Statistics/OSHA, etc.)
  • Medical Claims Databases
  • International Databases (e.g., WHO, Eucomed, etc.)
  • Clinical and Practical Information (e.g., registries, presentations, studies, abstracts, conference workshops, etc.)