What information is found in a Product Profile?

SmartTRAK's Product Profiles have in-depth coverage on everything from indication to sales and distribution.

Here's a quick video introduction of SmartTRAK's Product Profiles. A full text version can be found below!

Looking for detailed information on a product? SmartTRAK’s product profiles have you covered.  Here you can find information relating to clinical studies, regulatory approvals, sales and distribution and more.  SmartTRAK’s product profile database is robust, up-to-date and constantly growing.

To get to a product profile, just go up to the Smart Search bar and type the product name in. Let’s look at MAKO by Stryker.


Like our company profiles, each product profile is organized in same format, making it easy to find and compare information. First is a brief Product Description followed by Indication for Use.

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The Clinical Updates section reviews current and completed IDE studies along with direct links to FDA’s clinicaltrials.gov.

Regulatory status includes links directly to any PMAs or 510(k)s, and notes CE mark approval.

Studies provides links to studies published in a journal or presented at an industry meeting.

Sales and distribution provides information on product penetration and how the company plans to market and sell.

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When available, pricing and reimbursement will also be provided.

The left-hand side of the page is designed as a quick reference and product overview.