How do I use the Product Explorer Tool?

Product Explorer allows you to quickly assess the competitive landscape, compare products and see regulatory approvals.

Here's a quick video intro on how to get the most out of Product Explorer. For a text version, just scroll down!

Product Explorer allows you to quickly and efficiently analyze the global competitive landscape, compare products on the market or under development, and learn which products have obtained regulatory approval in the US and OUS markets.

Updated in real-time, our product explorer tool is a comprehensive product database with sorting functionality that enables you to easily drill down to the information you want to know from indication, to technology to regulatory status and more.

Soft Tissue Fixation shoulder

Let’s say we worked in Soft Tissue Fixation and needed to do a landscape assessment on absorbable labral repair implants. We would first select Soft Tissue Fixation in the market drop-down and shoulder in the segment drop down at the top. We would see that there are currently 107 products in our database that fall within this category.

But remember, we are focused on labral repair.  To drill down further, select labral repair under indication and then absorbable under technology. (Select labral repair under indication and then absorbable under technology.)

Within seconds, we see all the products that meet our criteria. If you’d liked to learn more about a product or company, all are linked backed to their respective SmartTRAK profiles.  The chart will also show if the product is from a public or private company, its indication for use, technology, and surgical approach. We are also quickly able to view US and OUS regulatory status including clearances and approvals as well as the country of origin for the Company which markets this product. 

To quickly compare two or more products side by side, simply check the box next to each product’s name. Let’s choose FASTak by Arthrex and Bio-Anchor by CONMED Linvatec.  Clicking the compare prompt at the bottom of the screen allows us to look at the two products side by side. We can quickly see how the products compare and how they differ.

To close the compare screen, look to the top right.

To save the scenario to revisit at a later date, simply click Save Scenario.  The scenario will appear in the drop-down at your next visit.