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How does SmartTRAK manage data security?

Data security is important to us.

We understand that the security of the data you add to SmartTRAK is important. We have designed the site's security framework following industry best practices so that each subscriber has access only to their personal and team data. Attachments are hosted with additional encryption processes. Access to your data by BioMedGPS personnel is limited to web support staff for administrative purposes only. BioMedGPS editorial or administrative staff do not have access to customer files and notes. Customer files are kept separate from system files and all access to these files is strictly logged.

Each subscriber has their own unique user ID and password in addition to a valid cookie and session ID that is required for access. All communication between the site and your browser is encrypted with an advanced level of SSL that authenticates our site in your browser. Our site is hosted in a secure data center with controlled access and security. Backups are done nightly and are archived in a separate secure location.

We are vigilant about the security of SmartTRAK and we work closely with our clients on solutions for their unique security needs.