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How do I cite or quote SmartTRAK as a source?

Here are guidelines for how to cite SmartTRAK data and information in company releases.

  1. General examples of how to cite SmartTRAK:

    • Simple citation:
    SmartTRAK Business Intelligence

    • Citing market information or market profiles:
    SmartTRAK 2019 US Mechanical Thrombectomy Market Analysis

    • Citing data from Market Recaps:
    SmartTRAK Q219 US Spinal Cord Stimulation Market Recap

    • Quoting an Analysis article:
    “Medtronic Ups its Game with Percept DBS and BrainSense Technology,” SmartTRAK Business Intelligence, January 31, 2019.

  2. When citing numbers, current market size (single year) and annual growth rate can be included. For example:

    • According to SmartTRAK Business Intelligence, the US skin substitute market is currently worth ~$900 MM per annum and is growing at 7% annually.

    • The US skin substitute market is currently worth ~$900MM per annum, growing at 7% annually¹
                            ¹SmartTRAK Business Intelligence